The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.


A strong, reliable volunteer force plays a crucial role in our rescue organization.


Tax deductible donations and gifts of goods to help run the refuge are always welcome.

Happy Tails

If you have a “Happy Tail” that you would like to share, please send it here, along with an updated photograph.

Check out our  Happy Tails photo set on Flickr.


VelcroI adopted Velcro in November 2014. He is the love of my life. I couldn’t imagine a day without him now. I renamed him BuddyLove.


Hi All, Even though I’m a volunteer at the Refuge, I haven’t met many of you. So please pardon me for usng a kind of impersonal way to say something really personal: Thank You. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of all of the cats at the Refuge, but thank you, in particular, for making it possible for me to adopt Girasole.

Many of you will remember Girasole as a hissy, spitting, feral cat who cowered in the back of his cage with his ears flat against his skull. Others of you will remember that he was one of the most difficult cats to return to the cages at night: he’s fond of remote, hard to reach spots (the shelf above the sink, under piles of clay or supplies) and he has no trouble expressing just how much he does not like to be held. But to those of you who perservered with this cat — even if you barely remember which one he is — thank you. There’s no way that he would have become the unbelievably gorgeous, sweet tempered, and affectionate cat that he is today had he not had daily, attentive, loving care from all of you. If you ever wonder if what you’re doing makes a difference, simply check out the empty cage under Sergio. That’s where Girasole *used* to live (but now he lives with me!)All the best, Megan Valentine.

Orion and Jingle Bell

We adopted 2 cats from you– brother and sister– about 18 months ago. They were named Hawk and Gretel, but we renamed them Orion and Jingle Bell. i just wanted to send some photos and an update. They are very sweet, loving, happy kitties. Both are wonderful Additions to our family. Thank you again for the wonderful work you do on behalf
of these animals! Best– Melissa Edwards


My company relocated me to Minnesota in December 2006. Being unsure of the laws in Minnesota I felt it best to find good homes for some of my cats. Gohan was one. He was born a feral. His mother dropped him and his brothers off at my house on the lake in Lexington, NC. He was my first introduction to feral cats – never try to pick up a feral cat with your bare hands! I held him every day and night to socialize him. And he eventually came around. But it was when his jaw got broken (perhaps a car or bike hit him) that he learned to really trust me. He had surgery, we brought him home and fed him on the counter with some wet food. From that day on his spot to eat was on the counter. Plus he loved to follow me around the house and yard.

In 2008 my company asked me to travel back to North Carolina. I went to visit Gohan to see how he was doing. Gohan was at the Goathouse Refuge and Siglinda had taken wonderful care of him. I wasn’t sure if he would remember me – but he did! He let me pick him up right away. We sat down…he just talked and talked to me and let me give him a wonderful back rub. On my second visit I had to bring him back inside so he wouldn’t follow me to the car. It was at that point that Siglinda asked if I wanted to bring him home with me. My heart jumped with joy. She told me that it was very obvious that Gohan loved me. So I ran off to the pet store and picked up a few things, setup my apartment in Morrisville and picked him up.

It is amazing how a little creature like Gohan can keep your heart wondering and longing to see their friendly, furry face again. In my case it was a lovely ending to all the stresses of the relocation process. Thank you Siglinda and to all the wonderful folks that work and volunteer there. As well as Julie who brought them to such a wonderful refuge for me. Kind Regards, Robert Davis


We made significant progress this weekend. Faulkner and Morris (Mickey’s new name) are getting along famously. They kept me up last night with rambunctious playing. I was conflicted, due to the desire for them to get along but also to get some sleep. Morris spent the first day and a half under the bed in the study but he seems to be settling in. He likes the basket Kennan bought. We are going to send IAR a couple of pictures of the two of them hanging out soon. Last night he hung out on the back of the couch while we watched a movie and even fell asleep with his head against the wall. He is also now eating with us around and using the big litter box. He’s quite the digger for such a small fellow!! Jordan

Pan and Cecilia

I discovered the Goathouse Refuge two months after the passing of my beloved cat Demetri. Adopting Pan and Cecilia turned out to be the best way to help heal the loss of my little boy. Pan & Cecilia are the most amazing things in my life and I’m head over heels in love with them. Since adopting my two angels I’ve started volunteering at the refuge and it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I believe the cats give me so much more than I can ever give to them. Kimberly


We’ll always remember Bonny jumping onto our shoulders or crashing down to the ground with stacks of clean dishes at the refuge, only to hop back up onto our shoulders as if nothing ever happened. Now we get to experience that all day, every day. Bonny is an absolute nut, and we love her dearly. Scott and Lisa.


We are loving Nueva very much! She has settled on my daughter’s bed mostly, and sleeps there most days when the house lets her. She is getting brave enough to smell the dog as well – and he lets her (but she has only done this while he is sleeping so far). She is really a very good cat. She is tolerant and loving, and behaves now like she has lived here for longer than she has. It took about 3 hours for her to start walking around here exploring. We have a big screened in porch that she is starting to explore a little in the day (while we watch her). You are right in that she is a bit skittish outdoors, so this never lasts too long. Enjoy the picture! And thank you for this wonderful family addition as well. Tracey, Pele, and Comet


This precious, loving creature was one day away from being destroyed, along with his mother and siblings. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing him into our home. Scott and Lisa.

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