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The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.


A strong, reliable volunteer force plays a crucial role in our rescue organization.


Tax deductible donations and gifts of goods to help run the refuge are always welcome.

Goathouse News

Vote for Us in Best of the Triangle 2018!

It’s that time again! Indy Week’s Best of the Triangle competition lets YOU vote on all your regional favorites. We need your votes to get us into the top four and help the kitties win thousands in free marketing!

Here’s how to find us this year:

1.) Select “Services”
2.) Look for Goathouse Refuge in Two Categories:
Category 1: Best Nonprofit in Orange / Chatham County
Category 2: Best Place to Adopt a Pet in the Triangle

After selecting “nominate” you submit your email address to “create” your unique ballot. Then return to vote for more business in other areas/categories. One vote for any category.

Discounted 2018 Calendars for Your Daily Dose of Inspiration!

Now only $10, Goathouse Refuge Calendars brighten up your home or office with inspiring stories of our kitties! 100% of proceeds go directly to the Refuge so we can continue to fulfill our mission. Since before our founding in 2007, Siglinda Scarpa has worked with rescues, owners and adopters regarding the health of cats. Health conditions can be a challenge and people often do not know there is often more they can do. We hope to empower and inspire you with knowledge about options to support health, chronic conditions and pain. Compassion, dedication, knowledge, empathy, creativity and love, these are just a few of the Seasons of Grace.

Our apologies for the delayed launch. As you may know we lost an integral member of our Goathouse Refuge family, Carolyn Busse, who designed many items including our calendars. At the last minute another volunteer stepped in to ensure we had a calendar for 2018. Although there were some challenges we are glad it is finally here to share with you!

Purchase one (or more!) in the Goathouse Refuge Shop.

Relief for Your Wallet and For Pets

The new tax plan is anticipated to make an impact on charitable giving, as many of us won’t be able to accrue enough deductions to exceed the new standard deduction of $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for couples. But with a little creativity, there is some tax relief available—and it can mean help for your wallet and a lifesaving medical procedure for a pet in need.

Fluffy catPeople who are 70 ½ years old or older are required to take minimum distributions from their retirement accounts. They’re taxed at withdrawal—unless the gift is being transferred not to their bank account, but to a charity like the Goathouse Refuge instead. This allows the donor to make a gift of impact while bypassing Uncle Sam.

The new tax plan maintains the advantages of donating shares of stock to charity. You can still donate appreciated stocks you’ve held for a year or more, and avoid the capital gains tax on the stock’s increased value. For example, if you purchased stock for $2,000 over a year ago, and it’s now worth $20,000, there would be no tax on the appreciated value of $18,000. (For stock transfer instructions, contact our President of the Board Allen Scazzero 919 845 6649 ex 200)

Gifts from donor-advised funds are also accepted at Goathouse Refuge. The tax deduction is made when money is added to the fund, not when donations are issued.

Keep in mind that when giving from a personal check, gifts exceeding the standard-deduction threshold ($12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for couples) are still tax-deductible.

With the pets’ many different needs, gifts of all sizes and shapes make an impact. And every penny of your donation is spent on direct care for pets. Goathouse Refuge does not receive any government support and is not a part of any national groups. The pets only have you to count on to heal them, body and soul.

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