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What a year this is turning out to be for the Goathouse Refuge!

Dear Friends,

What a year this is turning out to be for the Goathouse Refuge! While we have indeed been grappling with various challenges, the GHR has been very successfully achieving its mission and there are some genuinely exciting and promising projects in the making!

While all of us have had extraordinary challenges in our lives, we at the Goathouse are thankful for many things. We have seen tremendous generosity from our donor families, increased hard work of our volunteers, a record number of our cats adopted into forever homes; and promising developments in the works to ensure the Goathouse is a haven for cats and humans alike for many years to come.

Even though the GHR has been closed to visitors due to the Covid -19 pandemic since early Spring, we have adopted almost 300 kittens and cats so far this year! Much of this success is due to the help of our partners at the Cat Tales Cat Café in Chapel Hill. But much of it is also due to the tireless efforts of our key adoption volunteers!









Promising organizational developments are in the works. One of our large donors with board experience with feline shelters has offered to pay for the services of a nationally known sanctuary consultant with a strong track record of success. Our introductory meeting last week was wide ranging. We expect that the actual advisory services will focus on fundraising, resources and organizational policies and efficiencies.

A serious pandemic-exacerbated humane concern is spurring some exciting developments in our community and outreach efforts. We are working to enhance efforts on our planned and estate giving programs. The wide-spread “sheltering in place “and increased social isolation that the pandemic has brought, has made many people painfully aware that they would love to have a feline companion, often an older housetrained cat.

But just those who might benefit the most (the elderly, handicapped or housebound), often feel they cannot responsibly adopt, lest they might become unable to care for their animal. We are developing a program that would enable the Goathouse to stand behind these individuals (in certain specified circumstances) so they could adopt responsibly, and enjoy the warmth and love (and considerable health benefits!) that a close companion can bring! We will soon begin an outreach effort, targeting those communities that might benefit the most from this type of program.

Geo- Adopted after 11 yrs & 1 month at Goathouse

Clarka -11 yr old senior, adopted after 4 yrs at Goathouse

Finally, hard to believe, but this year the U.S. Congress (of all benefactors!!) has also given you and the Goathouse a potentially very large gift! This year and this year only, donations made to qualified charitable organizations (such as the Goathouse Refuge) before December 31st are fully deductible up to 100% of adjustable gross income (AGI) for those who itemize on their tax return; AND, the excess donation can be carried forward up to 5 years. For those that do not itemize, $300 is deductible. The qualifying deduction can be cash, in kind or appreciated stock. Please review this with your tax preparer or financial advisor. Alas, as part of the C.A.R.E.S Act, this tax minimization opportunity is available for this year, 2020, only.

Even with the context of these positive developments and the tremendous effort of our employees, this year has been one of success and struggle. You and the rest of our friends and donors have helped us through this difficult time and we are truly grateful for your support and generosity. We hope you will continue to support us as you think of those in need as this tumultuous year comes to a close and as we continue on toward what we hope will be an easier and brighter 2021!


Jeff, Helena, Susan, Julie, Randy, Meredith, Judy, Cindy, and Siglinda


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