The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

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Valentine’s Day Greeting From the Goathouse!

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, thoughts turn to our loved ones, however, the cats and kittens of the Goathouse Refuge are hoping they can find their Valentine this year! During January, 34 cats found their forever homes and lots of hugs and treats. Some of our cats, like Jill and Tiger II, have found their Valentine, but are awaiting dental surgery so they can go to their forever home. We have numerous other cats and kittens like Sunny, Ryder and Zorro, and more who anxiously await their matches!

 At the Goathouse, the dark wet winter days and pandemic restrictions provide few visitors for the cats and kittens at the Goathouse. All they need is a home and companion to share these winter days and nights with. These adorable cats and kittens are anxiously awaiting spring and to find their forever homes!


Elvis and Julian are ready to offer many purrs and leg rubbings. Lap cuddles and face nudging are available. All they need is your love and support. They need your support to help provide for their feeding, cleaning, and care while they await their forever companions.

 So, this Valentine’s Day we ask that you help the Goathouse by considering a donation, big or small, to help us fulfill our mission of providing love and a safe environment while the cats await their own valentine. And remember your donations are matched during our Winter Matching Campaign, so your generous support is doubled! 

To help the cats each month, we have a Sustainers’ campaign that can make monthly giving easy. Any amount from $5, $50 or $500 is appreciated.

To become a Monthly Sustainer, click on Subscribe button and follow instructions on our website:

Jeff Vojta – Cat Dad to 5 Great Cats All whose names start with “Z”, a Goathouse Adopter and Supporter

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