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Rosa needs your help!

June 16 update: You have contributed $1,500 to the Help Rosa Breathe Fund! Thank you SO much!

Rosa had her first appointment at the vet school this week. She did not need to be hospitalized, and is currently stable while awaiting the results of diagnostic tests. The vet school found a probable “inflammatory airway disease with a likely infection.”  The tests will tell us more. Please continue to keep Rosa in your thoughts!

Here is some information from her discharge papers:

Regarding Rosa’s respiratory signs, it appears based upon the airway sample that she has a significant underlying inflammatory airway disease with a likely infection. This is possible that this is a primary disease process, meaning that she has underlying chronic inflammatory airway disease (feline asthma) or she could have an infectious bronchitis secondary to her long term steroid administration. If she has feline asthma, this is a disease similar to human COPD where the airways are inflamed often with an unknown cause. This can be associated with generalized allergies, heartworm disease, infectious agents and other environmental irritants.

We had a consultation with Dermatology department and they feel that her signs are most consistent with a secondary skin infection. The underlying cause of the infection is of some question. One large differential is an allergy to food, environmental allergens (pollens, dust mites…), and fleas. Her partial response to steroids would support this but if there is a secondary infection the skin would not fully heal. Dermatology also noted that her skin was excessively thin.

 June 7 update: We have received $1,000 for the Help Rosa Breathe Fund so far. Over halfway there (you guys rock!).   Rosa has an appointment at the Vet School on June 14; please send her good wishes and thoughts. Thank you all SO much!

Are you able to help our beautiful Rosa? Rosa requires a procedure to remove an obstruction from her respiratory tract. Her diagnosis is uncertain, but she is unable to breathe freely due to this condition. The NC Veterinary School Hospital can help, but it is a delicate and complicated procedure.

We need to raise $1,700 for the first stage of her treatment that will determine her prognosis. We are asking our Goathouse friends and cat lovers everywhere to help save Rosa’s life with a Donation via Paypal:


You can also contact the refuge office and make arrangements to donate via check. Rosa is a gentle and lovely young girl, and we hope to see her healthy and happy soon. Any assistance you can give will be tax deductible and deeply appreciated. Thank you!

See more photos of sweet Rosa.

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