The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

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Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in fostering kitties for the Goathouse Refuge. Please fill out the Foster Application below and make sure that all fields are completed. Applicants must be 21 years old.

Once we receive your completed application, we will contact you to schedule a home visit to go over some information and be sure that the environment is appropriate for potential foster kitties. Thanks so much for offering to help, and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Your Full Name

    Your Age

    Mailing address

    Home phone

    Cell phone

    Work phone

    Email address

    Best way to contact you

    Other household members, please list name and age* (Note: *Kittens are not placed in homes
    with children under the age of six years):

    Does anyone listed above have pet allergies?

    Is anyone listed above a smoker?

    If yes, given the evidence about the effects of smoking on pets, we will need to know more about the extent of the smoking. If you answered yes above, please check one: Outdoors OnlyIndoors and Outdoors

    Have you had any experience with fostering cats?

    If yes, please explain:

    If no specific cat in mind to foster, in general which cats would you consider (ex. adults only,
    health impaired, pregnant mom, weaned kittens, mom with nursing kittens, etc)?

    Have you owned cats as an adult?

    *If yes and no longer with you please explain:

    Please list all pets that you currently own, names, ages and breeds

    Please list all former pets, names, ages and breeds, and what happened to the pet

    Are all of your pets current on their vaccinations?

    Are all of your current cats FIV/Feline Leukemia negative?

    Are all of your current cats spayed or neutered?

    May we contact your veterinarian?

    Veterinarian's name

    Veterinarian's phone number

    What is your residence situation?
    Own HomeRent

    Please complete if you checked Rent:

    Do you have your landlord's permission for a new pet?

    Your landlord's name and phone number

    May we contact your landlord?

    (*If “no”, we cannot approve you for fostering.)

    Foster cats/kittens need a separate room that is initially closed off from the rest of the house,
    such as a large bathroom or bedroom without carpet. By instinct, young kittens will confuse
    carpet as grass or ground and not use the litterbox. Older kittens and adult cats will usually
    use the litterbox just fine and not go on the carpet unless they have urinary tract problems, or
    are marking the area as their territory if there are dogs or cats in the home already.

    Do you have a separate room for the cat(s)?

    Who will be the primary caregiver of your cat?

    How long are you gone each day?

    Are you employed? Check all that apply:
    Not employedFull timePart timeWork at homeRetiredUndergrad studentGraduate studentMilitary

    For how long are you willing to foster a particular cat or cat(s)?

    Kittens are usually fostered until they are at least 16 weeks of age, but we can consider longer
    or shorter periods, or transfer them to another foster if necessary.

    If you travel, who will care for the cat(s) you foster?

    How much responsibility will children be given in caring for your foster cat(s)?

    Name of a personal reference (other than a family member) and phone number

    How do you know this person?

    Do you have any objections to letting a rescue group volunteer visit your home for a pre-adoption home visit or follow-up visit after the adoption?

    Please read the copy of our Foster Agreement and Record Sheet. Are you willing to sign it at the time that you receive the cat(s) that you agree to foster?

    I am at least 21 years old. All the of the information I have given is true and complete. I understand that the Goathouse Refuge has the right to refuse my application. By typing my name in the space below I am applying a legal, digital signature.
    , Foster Applicant

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