The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

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Tax deductible donations and gifts of goods to help run the refuge are always welcome.

Goathouse Refuge Fall $20,000 Matching Gift Campaign Reaches 47%


The autumn matching gift campaign has already reached 47%!
Argento (pictured above) says thank you to all who have donated so far!

A wonderful supporter of the Goathouse heard about all the kittens we were able to save this kitten season who are now big enough to get spayed and neutered. They know what a big cost that is for the refuge, and also the unexpected expense of buying a new generator, and they offered to do a matching campaign up to $20,000. Help us reach the goal before the October 30th deadline by donating today by clicking on the donate button below.

We appreciate your generosity and any gift from $5 to $1,000 will help us tremendously to carry on our mission to care for cats that may have nowhere else to go.

To make a matched donation using PayPal, a Debit or Credit Card, or Venmo click on the Donate button.

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