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Happy Holidays from the Goathouse Refuge

Dear Friends and Family of the Goathouse Kitties,

It is with hearts full of love and gratitude that all the kitties and the 2-legged people of the Goathouse send you all the best wishes for a joyous Holidays. Above all, we all want to wish you the most serene, peaceful and healthy 2020!!!! We all need it so badly!

2019 has been a difficult year; a year of heavy changes and a year of adjusting to new situations. Did somebody say life was like riding a tiger? 2019 was just like it! Hopefully this coming year will be better, we hope, much better. Three people won the Goathouse Raffle: $10,000, $5000, and$1,000 were awarded. The winner of the $1,000 prize gave her prize money to Goathouse. What a generous person and what great help! Another person won the beautiful bench made by Frank Hiltz and the highest bidder of the auction will go to the dreamlike villa in Hawaii. We do have many, many surprises for the New Year in our upcoming events. We have 3 new Board members and we are looking for some great, active people for our Advisory Committees. Are any of you up to help with Fundraising; Graphics and media; Grants; and out of the box ideas? Just call me: 919 542 6815.

I apologize if my letter is not full of the usual cheer, it is because my heart is shattered by the death of my beloved Cowboy. Our was a love at first sight that endured for 18 years. We cherished every moment of our life together. Parting was extremely hard. I was fortunate enough to have found this kind of love. Even with the pain of our parting, I would not give it up. Cowboy’s love is here with me to stay.

My best wishes to all of you, we will talk again soon, in the New Year!

From Susan, Julie, Jeff, Randy, Cindy, Tasha, Frank, Helena, Judy, Jacquie, Loretta, Siglinda and all the little hearts here:

BEST WISHES FOR 2020 and may it be all that you wish it to be!!!!

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