The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

Behind the Scene

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Tax deductible donations and gifts of goods to help run the refuge are always welcome.

Retail Shop

We have lots of wonderful merchandise that is not located in the Goathouse Refuge Gallery. We sell it at community events we participate in, online for Facebook Auctions and on the Ebay Charity Site. Now we are able to offer these items to you here on our Retail page! Items have limited quantity and this page will be updated regularly. If you would like to buy an item just send us an email to and include your name, mailing address, and contact info,  with which item (s) you want to purchase. We will send you a Paypal invoice (price +shipping) and then ship it right out to you. All the proceeds go to help the cats at the Goathouse Refuge! Thanks so much!

Tshirt -Size Small $15

Kids Have Paws Mug $10

Cat Lover Mug $10

Goathouse Logo Keychain $8

Dog Mom Keychain $8

Heart Cats Keychain $8

Star Crossed Kitties Keychain $8

Cat Face Pink Keychain $8

$5 Car Magnet
Car Magnet $5
Dog Sparkly Keychain $8
Pink I Heart Dog Keychain $8
Black Puppy Keychain $8

Paw Bracelet $5

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