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Special Message from Siglinda at The Goathouse Refuge

Update on Siglinda 8/13/20:
It is with much relief that we can let you know that Siglinda had her surgery this morning and the procedure went well. She is in good condition and of course will be staying in the hospital for several days. We want to thank everyone for your continued prayers and good wishes for her surgery and complete recovery, as well as your support and financial donations. It takes a lot of stress off of Siglinda when she knows that we have the finances coming in to take care of all the cats and the Goathouse expenses each month. We will continue to pass on updates to you as we get them.



Dear all,

It is with a crazy heart that I have to let you know that on August 13 I will have heart surgery at Duke Hospital. Another adventure!  

No matter what is going to happen, I am here to ask you all to be supportive of the wonderful people who have been working with me for so many years behind the scenes to help all the kitties we could at the Goathouse. If everything goes well I will be in the hospital for 1 week and home after that to recover for at least 2 months. My presence will be sporadic but I will be here and if they didn’t take out my brain, I will read and write as many emails as I can.

Please, be part of the team! Become sustainers! (    Do all you can to help! All these little hearts count on you for their life! There is no job that is “not my job” if you can help, please, do it, I beg you to be present. We count on you all, we all are Goathouse Family!

My kitties and my dogs know that something is happening and they are all over me taking very good care of me. They will be without me for quite a while but they will be very well cared for. If you are out at the refuge, please stop by to see them and give them some extra love. Please, be present, be supportive to our people, anything, anything that you can do is important no matter how small!

Love, and I mean it,

“Courage is grace under pressure.”

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