The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

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Update on a special cat:
Tiny Tina


In June a small tuxedo 3-month-old kitten arrived at the Goathouse Refuge with two broken legs and a fractured hip! So adorable and so sweet. In most animal rescues or shelters, she would have, without much veterinary consultation, been put out of her misery.


Volunteers took her to the Goathouse vet for x-rays and consulted a specialty surgeon who determined the injuries were correctable. She would be able to be a kitten, full of life, and hopefully a long playful life. The team and volunteers at the Goathouse created a GoFundMe page and raised funds for the surgery. Another previous adopter agreed to foster her and work with her on her recovery. This is the Goathouse!


Now three months later, Tiny Tina had her surgery and is recovering. Her foster father fell in love and permanently adopted Tina. Her new dad is a musician with a drum set and Tina likes to play the kick drum! Please help us continue to take in kitties like Tiny Tina who just need a second chance.

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