The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

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A DESPERATE PLEA FROM THE GOATHOUSE REFUGE in this desperate fall time of year!

All of us have struggled with the impact of the pandemic, from financial to mental stress, individually and with our families.  Compounding this has been the many months of national unrest and controversies leading up to the elections this next month.  No wonder we as a nation and as family and friends are tired, worried and distracted! 

Our team of cat care givers are facing their own family health and financial issues, but they still come to the Goathouse to perform their duties, seven days a week!  Caring for the cats cannot be done from home!  It requires a full team of people to feed, change litter, adjust bedding, and administer medications.  

Unfortunately, the Goathouse has been operating without an emergency reserve.  You helped us out when the Covid-19 pandemic first reared its frightening head the past March.  Things were all right until August when our donations suddenly fell almost in half!  Normally this time of year people are beginning to think about holidays and end-of-year gifting and generosity is in the air.  We hope this will be the case this year—perhaps once we get past this riveting first week of November.  For now though, we need to desperately reach out to you our Goathouse friends and family.  Without your help our funding is not enough to get through to the next several weeks!  

Please look past the news and see the faces of the cats and kittens, young and old, cute and ‘odd looking’ , healthy and a little infirm:  we desperately need your help to pay for their care now.


We appreciate all the support you have provided to the Goathouse over the years, but we need to ask for additional support.  Any additional contributions; small or large; one time or recurring; are much needed and will do a lot to help us through this difficult time.

We know that you value the work the Goathouse Refuge does in saving lives that otherwise probably would not get a second chance. So please share with your friends, family and other animal lovers in hopes that they will find it in their hearts to help in any way they can for the cats!

Can you please consider donating now?

   All the best,
Jeff Vojta
               Helena Openshaw

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