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The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.


A strong, reliable volunteer force plays a crucial role in our rescue organization.


Tax deductible donations and gifts of goods to help run the refuge are always welcome.

Goathouse News

Fall Fund Drive Update

Thanks to all those who have generously donated, we’ve already raised 23% of our $14,000 goal, but we’re counting on you to heat things up! Our November 30 deadline is fast approaching! Consider supporting us for your Giving Tuesday donation on November 28, honoring someone with a November birthday, or just giving any little bit you can.

These Three Special Kitties Need Your Help

As our loyal supporters know, the Goathouse Refuge believes every cat deserves a chance to live a long life full of love and compassion. That sometimes means helping cats recover from or deal with serious medical conditions. Right now we have three such cases and we need your help to get them well so they can find the people they’re meant to spend their lives with. Read about each of these special kitties below. If one of them tugs at your heart strings, please consider a donation towards their care.


Tiny Chaz came along shortly after we spent a lot of our resources helping another kitten, Little Mu, so we were already juggling our funds. But when our Founder, Siglinda, heard about this little bitty kitten, not much more than 4” long, who, deeply injured, dragged himself onto the porch of a lady’s home, asking to be saved, Siglinda didn’t bat an eye before sending out the email that saved his life. It never occurred to her to say “sorry, no money”… Chaz had already made his case. Learn more about Chaz and donate towards his care at https://www.gofundme.com/tiny-chaz-but-large-bills.


Little Mu got off to a rocky start in life –he was rescued from the street as a little kitten with multiple broken bones in his back leg. The Goathouse Refuge was the only one who responded to the rescue plea for help for this little guy. We really didn’t know where we’d find the funds to support his medical care, but one look at his picture, with him staring resolutely back, and we decided we’d help anyway and hope others would help us after the fact. Without a rescue, Little Mu’s short and painful life would have quickly ended. Instead, Little Mu got in for his surgery at the first available opportunity, and the Surgeon found the way to save his leg by inserting 3 metal pins. In a year one of those pins will have to be removed, but it is a very simple procedure from this point on. He’s now recovering, and playing with his new kitty friends. He gets around fine. He’s healthy, eating like a pig and on his way to a fun-filled kitten life, and hopefully, when he’s a bit bigger, a forever home, yet to be found. This is a very special kitty, he’s very intelligent and totally in love with people and kisses and cuddles….! Learn more about Mu and donate to his care at https://www.gofundme.com/help-little-mu-regain-his-footing.


Just when we thought we were going to have some time to recover from the recent kitty interventions for Little Mu and Chaz, we got a desperate call from a longtime friend of the Goathouse. He needed to find emergency help for an older female cat, Flopsy, who had been brutally attacked. Flopsy’s situation was a lot like our tiny kitten Chaz’s case, except while he was just a tiny kitten, she was older and more deeply injured, and barely hanging on to life. The Goathouse went to the rescue again! Read more about Flopsy and donate towards her care at https://www.gofundme.com/help-us-help-sweet-flopsy.

Fall Fund Drive: Your Contributions Matched up to $14,500!

We’re On Our Way to Reaching Our Goal!

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