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The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.


A strong, reliable volunteer force plays a crucial role in our rescue organization.


Tax deductible donations and gifts of goods to help run the refuge are always welcome.

Goathouse News

Don’t Miss the Goathouse on WRAL


Missed us on WRAL last month? Check out the recording of this special interview with Siglinda and tour of the premises. You don’t want to miss it!

Last week WRAL came to here your Goathouse Refuge! They interviewed Siglinda, learned about the origin of the rescue, Siglinda’s ceramic works of art, how all of us work very hard and how over time we have increased our focus on the rescue of medically vulnerable cats. She also explained how we help our local communities and people in need, like seniors who have no family or friends to assist with their beloved aging cat as they transition to assisted living. In addition we hope they will mention our La Pizza De Pulcinella fundraiser.

The interview is coinciding with the launching our new memorial medical fund, The Busse, Esquivel & Penrod Medical Fund for Medically Vulnerable Cats

This fund is dedicated to people who we dearly loved and looked up to for their unrelenting dedication to cats,placing cats with medical needs and to the fundamental values of the Goathouse Refuge. The funds raised with be used for the medical needs of cats at the Refuge and those who come to us needing are or suffering from trauma.

The 5:30 airing of WRAL tonight, May 30th will feature this interview. Following the interview we will send the link to the segment out on our web page, Facebook and directly to you. We ask that you share this interview in as many ways and places that you can to increase our adoptions, giving and so more people join you as sustaining donors.

With love and gratitude for all that you do and as always, help us to help them.

Kitten Shower at the Goathouse Refuge

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Goathouse Refuge,

I am writing to you because like every year, the very difficult months of kitten season are upon us. Kitten season seems to start earlier and last longer each and every year. Many kittens are dropped in high-kill shelters whose administrators plead with us to help prevent their demise. As of this writing, we already have taken in 58 kittens and have five newborns! All of these kittens must eat and their mothers must be vaccinated, de-wormed and spayed all while keeping the rest of the population (300+) also healthy and fed.

Additional extraordinary expenses have just been incurred that are all necessary including five dental surgeries for senior cats that are tossed like trash into shelters and whose care is $800 per cat which includes a discount from our wonderful vet. I just cannot bear the despair of these poor creatures that don’t know where they are or what they did to get there after so many years in a home. Senior cats are so special but they require and deserve more healthcare….just as we do as we age.

Many of you have been supporters of The Goathouse Refuge for the entire 17 years that we have been in existence. All the kitties we currently house and all the thousands we have rescued over those years have found wonderful homes only because of your generous and continued support. I know that many of you are getting ready to go on vacation and looking forward to spending memorable times with your families. Extra money may not be abundant for you during this time either but please consider sending us just a small amount so that we can care for the little ones entrusted to our care.

My thanking you seems always so formal and having repeated it so many times is as if losing value. I have not found words yet to truly express the heartfelt depth of my gratitude for your continued support. One day I will find it but in the meantime I can tell you that whenever we can buy food for the kittens, take them to the vet or add a few years of painless life to senior cats, our hearts are so full of joy and gratitude for you who have made it happen!!!!

Mine and our very best wishes to you!

Siglinda Scarpa


Please consider a one-time monetary donation to support us during kitten season, or become a sustainer to have an impact year-round! You can also help us keep stocked with all the necessary supplies by sending us something directly through our Amazon Wish List.

We Did It! $16,500 Raised for Goathouse Cats!

Our Spring Matching Campaign ended yesterday with 101% of our goal met!! Thank you to the 279 donors who made this campaign such a big success. Every penny makes a difference! And we especially thank our generous matching donors, who doubled your impact!

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