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Flexible Transport Volunteer Needed

Goathouse Refuge Seeks Speed-Volunteer Cohort

The Goathouse Refuge depends on several cohorts of loving volunteers for cat care, cage cleaning, adoption coordination, transport for spay and neuter caravans, and medical transport. Today we want to talk to you about arranging transportation with the speed of a cat – a jaguar or a cheetah, for instance.

In recent weeks, there have been a few different close calls with kitties who needed to rush to the vet because of sudden acute illness. With a grand right-and-left here, and a World Series-level of outfield activity there, we managed to combine volunteer and employee energies to get the cats where they needed to go, receive the care they needed, and return to the Goathouse in good shape. And so we got to thinking: our volunteer transportation cohort is wonderful with ample notice. However, cats are like people, in that they can’t always let us know in advance when they need medical attention.
Therefore, we need a special cohort WITHIN that transport cohort for speed-(safe)-medical mission transports:

 Do you fit into one or more of the following categories?

– Are you retired? (with your own vehicle and valid driver’s license)

– Are you a student? (with your own vehicle and valid driver’s license)

– Do you work from home? (with your own vehicler and valid driver’s license)

– Are you a free-lancer? (see above….)

– Have you won the lottery or otherwise don’t need to work 9 to 5? (ditto…)

In other words, does your life allow you to drop everything, jump in your car, drive to the Goathouse Refuge, and pick up a cat who needs to see the vet in a hurry?

If you can answer yes to at least one of the above questions, you would make a purrrfect volunteer for The Goathouse Refuge’s newly piloted EMERGENCY VOLUNTEER TRANSPORT cohort. We hope to bring about a reverse of Murphy’s Law: once we have a few good folks, we might not need need to activate it very often! Sort of like an umbrella for cat health.

Won’t you lend a paw?
Please email Jacquie at:


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