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Happy Tails: Hercules

We love Happy Tails! This one is from Hercules’ New Family:

We are so excited to deliver excellent news to you, not only is “Hercules”, now named Hambone, doing fabulous, but he’s already getting along with our cat, Sinister!!! It’s like it was meant to be all along! We are so pleased, and Hambone is so calm and happy, fun and playful all at the same time it seems.

He’s so well-adjusted and we have you all to thank for that. All your hard work and all those volunteers’ hard work at the Goathouse pays off!

He clearly loves laying right on us and taking naps in the sun! Sinister made it into one of these too, you’ll see they were playing with a catnip toy in our room. We’ll send more soon!!


Holly & Nathan

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