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Siglinda Scarpa Interview on The Story with Dick Gordon, Thursday, 1/19

Don’t Miss This!

Siglinda Scarpa featured on The Story with Dick Gordon on WUNC 91.5 on Thursday, 1/19, at 1 pm and 8 pm

Don’t miss this heartwarming and inspirational interview by Dick Gordon with Siglinda Scarpa, founder of NC’s Goathouse Refuge. The Story is a conversation with guests who have a passionate point of view and personal experiences to share that are of especial appeal to broad audiences. Siglinda’s interview is scheduled for the last 20 minutes of the program (1:40 pm and 8 :40 pm) on 91.5 FM on Thursday, 1/19 – you won’t want to miss it!

Note: If WUNC issues a scheduling change, we’ll update this post.

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