The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

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The Goathouse Refuge is dedicated to providing cage-free care for cats regardless of age, medical issues or disposition. Because we feel that every cat deserves a happy and safe life, we have several long-time residents that are feral or semi-feral and will never be able to be adopted. We also have some senior kitties and a few special needs kitties that have unfortunately never found their forever family.

Would you be a Cat Angel to one of these wonderful kitties and help provide monthly support to cover the costs of their food, litter, care, and medicines?


Meet some of our Special kitties:


Maiko is a semi-feral cat who was abandoned in 2012. Over time she has started to come out of her shell just a little. She enjoys the company of other kitties, but she’s not so sure about people. She is skittish and wary when visitors approach her, but hearing a rattling bag of treats can bring her running with a sweet meow and a hopeful gaze from her bright blue eyes! Maiko has been living at the refuge for almost 9 years. while she doesn’t have the love of her own family, she is safe, well fed, cared for, and has kitty friends at the Goathouse.  Approx. DOB: 12/30/2012








Bingo is a very handsome fellow that came to the Goathouse in 2008. He is fairly independent and likes to enjoy the company of people from a slight distance. With time and patience, this sweet guy could hopefully turn into a real love bug. He would make a great companion for another cat, as he is often seen lounging around with his cat friends
DOB: 8/1/2008



Sophie (Sponsored; Special Needs)



Sophie is a gorgeous solid white cat with crystal blue eyes. As is the case with many white, blue-eyed cats, Sophie is deaf; she has also sadly been declawed, so while she understandably doesn’t like granular litter because it hurts her paws, she will use a box lined with a puppy pad. Sophie was once part of a multi-cat home, where she had run of the family’s large master bedroom since she didn’t get along with their other two kitties, both of whom also had some special needs. Sophie is very shy, and while she likes to be petted a little bit, she does not like being held, probably based on her sad past.  Sophie would probably do best in a single-cat household with no young children, but she may be okay with another friendly and non-aggressive/non-dominant adult cat. Sophie is 7 and a half years old and came to the Goathouse in 2020. DOB: 03/01/2014.







Kevin is a sweet orange and white boy in need of a very special family to open their heart and home to provide him with the care he needs. Kevin was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), a condition affecting the part of the brain responsible for purposeful movement and coordination. Kevin is super-sweet and loving; he loves cuddling with people and showing them affection with lots of kitty kisses and purrs. Because his CH is severe, Kevin has limited mobility and needs help getting in and out of the litter box and cleaning up a bit afterwards. Someone that works from home or is retired and able to offer him around the clock assistance would be an ideal fit for this sweet & handsome guy.
Approx. DOB: 10/1/2016





Billy the Kit


Born in 2015, Billy the Kit came to the Goathouse from a municipal shelter as a kitten. He was a social cat and a favorite of many of the volunteers at the refuge. Billy the Kit was adopted once with another buddy and had a wonderful home for a short period until the adopters decided they only wanted one cat, so he was returned to the refuge. He had a hard time settling back in and over time has become feral, unfortunately, not wanting to be handled by people at all. So Billy the Kit will live out his life at the refuge.








Feisty is a handsome 7 year old medium-hair tabby cat that was transferred from a municipal shelter in 2018 and is still very cautious around people and is semi-feral. He spends much of his time outside in the shelters atop our outer buildings at the refuge and tends to be skittish and wary when visitors approach. DOB: 04/04/2014







Traballina has been here for a few years. She is little, very funny and  an active CH kitty. Cerebellar hypoplasia, sometimes called wobbly cat syndrome, is a congenital condition in cats that is neither contagious nor progressive. It occurs most commonly when a pregnant cat becomes infected with feline panleukopenia, virus and it passes to her unborn kittens.










Named for renowned Mexican poet, novelist and environmentalist Homero Aridjis, our handsome Omero is a brave and adventurous kitty, exploring Siglinda’s porch just hours after first arriving at the refuge. Omero was rescued from a Durham shelter where, due to his infected eyes, he would have soon been euthanized. The refuge provided Omero with the surgery he needed so he is no longer in pain, and despite the loss of both eyes, this guy is just as friendly and playful as can be. Special needs cats can lead long, healthy lives just like any other able-bodied pet and often require minimal lifestyle modifications.  DOB 03/01/2018





In April of 2019 we told you about Cheetah, a little 6 month old kitten who was hit by a car and lost the use of his back legs. Otherwise he was healthy, sweet, and adorable but his owner was going to have him put down. Siglinda rescued him and brought him to the Goathouse where he got medical care and special rehab exercises every day which Siglinda did on his back legs. He has made so much progress over time and made a best friend with Omero, a blind kitty. Here is a video of Cheetah taken on Nov. 21, 2020. Without your support, kitties like Cheetah would never have the chance to live a happy and loving life. We think every kitty matters and hope you do too.




Due to advanced age, health, physical or temperament issues, the chance of adoption for these cats is considerably lower than our other cats and many of them will likely be lifelong residents at the Goathouse Refuge.


For a tax-deductible donation in your name or that of a loved one, you can be a Cat Angel to one of our special needs or feral cats.


A contribution of just about $1 a day/$25 per month, less than what many people spend on their daily coffee habit, will provide food, veterinary care and litter for your new friend, and greatly help the refuge to continue to cover their expenses. In return, we will email you a Cat Angel certificate with a picture of the kitty and their bio.

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