The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

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Goathouse Reflections on 2020

With all the turmoil 2020 has presented all us, it is nice to hear about happy stories. Recently, an adopter shared an update on their cat whom they adopted from the Goathouse Refuge. Their story was so touching and heartfelt to know the joy this cat has brought into their home and adventures. I hope as we all get ready to celebrate holidays socially distant from our loved ones and ring in the new year; this story will bring a smile and some joy to you.

The Goathouse has been adopting cats for over 20 years. Adoption may not be the best term. More often than not, just like the Harry Potter story where the wand selects the wizard, the cat selects those who it wants to wait upon them! Many of us cat servants may wonder if our cat has magical properties to know when to come and sit our keyboard, track mud into the house, throw the litter out and other uncanny behaviors. Cats can also tell when we are down and come to soothe us with their gentle purring. I find them quite magical and entertaining and thank them for the privilege of letting me care for them.

Through November 2020, The Goathouse Refuge our cats and kittens chose 327 human households to grace their homes and allow these human families to care for them. That’s quite an accomplishment! This is all made possible by the generosity of our donors, volunteers and friends. With this incredible level of support, we would not be able to do what we do and enable stories like Pewter’s, listed below to occur. We thank you.

To continue to fulfill this magic and find humans for our other cats here now and those to come, we need your support. During this holiday season, we would appreciate your generosity to help us keep the cats warm, fed and get ready to welcome their new families.

Thank you
Jeff Vojta, Goathouse Volunteer, Sustainer and Supporter
Pewter’s Story (from Pewter’s Humans)

“To all the good folks at the Goathouse Refuge,
It’s coming up on the 3rd year since the cat you knew as Pewter came to live with us and its past time for us to thank you for saving this most wonderful cat! The info about him along with his photo when he was up for adoption said he was “complex”. We were not sure what this meant but have come to understand it. Through the years we have had many cats but none quite like Pewter. He is by far the most intelligent cat we have ever encountered.

He settled into his new life quickly and seems quite content. When the weather is nice, he loves to be on the screened porch and never shows any disappointment that he cannot go out in the yard. He is also very affectionate and a true snuggle kitty. Very attached to his humans and sticks close to us throughout the day. He is in excellent health thanks to all the Goathouse Refuge did to save him when he was with you.

Since we joke that cats have 9 lives, we think they can also have several names. It struck us that he must have had quite a past, has a military air about him and because of his considerable size we call him Major Biggs. Biggy for short. He likes routine and runs the household like a ranking officer should. He knows what he wants and how to communicate it and we are more than happy to focus on him. We love him dearly and he makes us happy every day.

Thank you for all you do. Each and every cat is worth saving and deserve a second chance like the one you gave Pewter/Biggy.”

By Permission of Major Biggs!

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