The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

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Announcing a new educational program for special needs children

Announcing the launch of Beyond Words: Creative Arts and Natural Science, an educational program at Goathouse Refuge for the gifted and special needs children of Jordan Lake School of the Arts in 2012.

More about this visionary program below:

Siglinda Scarpa, founder of Goathouse Refuge and a renowned sculptor and potter, has long been an advocate for all animals and translator of their message to the broader world. Reflecting Scarpa’s values, the Refuge is the only outdoor no-kill, cage-free cat refuge of its kind. Beth Kuklinski, founder of Jordan Lake School of the Arts, is an educator and voice for children who think differently, particularly those with autism.  Upon meeting, Scarpa and Kuklinski realized they share a love of all gentle-hearted beings, art and nature.

From this meeting of creative and compassionate leaders sprung an innovative educational program, Beyond Words: Creative Arts and Natural Scienceswhich teaches children through experiential learning and the arts about animals, sustainability, and the ancient wisdom present in the natural world. Scarpa and Kuklinski teach and live with the belief that there is a communication greater than words. They work from the belief that moving forward together with a unified voice can change the world. 

Read more about Jordan Lake School of the Arts here.

Urgent! We need your help to raise $10,000 before November 30th to obtain a $10,000 matching gift in order to continue providing medical care, a safe home and food for the 200 Goathouse kitties.

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