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Cat of the Week: Gabriella

Gabriella is an extremely cute grey girl with a white locket on her chest. She has an adorable round face, big round eyes, and round body, very huggable. She’s a little bit shy at first, but if you hang out and listen to her while she tells you all about her day (this girl loves to chat!), she’ll become your friend and let you pet her. Then she’ll follow you around. She’s got the most lovely green eyes and did we mention how cute and round she is?!

She must have some British Shorthair or Chartreux relatives because her round cheeks, stocky build, and beautiful blue-grey coat are dead ringers for characteristics of those breeds. Once you have earned her trust, Gabriella will make a great little best friend and housecat. Come meet her soon!

See more photos plus videos of Gabriella.

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