The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

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Cat and Kitten Homelessness

Goathouse Refuge was established to address the issue of cat and kitten homelessness by providing a pioneering form of no-kill, cage-free care for abandoned cats and kittens. Not only do we provide a sanctuary offering a shelter, food and medical care to over 200 cats and kittens, Goathouse Refuge maintains an adoption program, provides spay/neuter procedures, vaccines and microchips for our cats.

Particularly during hard economic times, more and more animals are in need of help. Goathouse Refuge receives an average of two calls per day from pet owners who need to surrender their cat due to economic, housing or other reasons. NPR reported that in some areas of the country, the number of animals surrendered to shelters has increased 400%. Locally, the number of animals in need of a safe home is also increasing. [READ THE NPR STORY HERE]

Goathouse Refuge was featured in the Chapel Hill News in May 2011 as an example of an organization that provides responsible, humane and cage-free care to the local population of cats in need. [READ THE CHAPEL HILL NEWS STORY HERE]

We need your help in addressing this issue now more than ever. Thank you for your continued support of the cats and kittens of Goathouse Refuge. Please consider volunteering, becoming a member or sponsoring a Coffee Cat!

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