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Support Declawing Bill

This week, both the New York Assembly and Senate passed a bill banning the declawing of cats, which will now be sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo to be signed. If signed, New York will be the first state to ban declawing — and Alley Cat Allies and our supporters played a critical role in making this happen.

Declawing involves amputating a cat’s toes up to the first joint. Although many veterinarians treat it as a routine procedure — much like spaying or neutering — it has no medical benefits for cats. Cats need their claws just like we need our fingers. In fact, declawing makes it more difficult for cats to take care of themselves. For some cats, it can even cause them to become more aggressive.

A declawing ban in New York is a good first step, but more work is needed. Other states must continue to pass laws that prohibit this unnecessary and painful procedure.

We couldn’t have done this without your support, Camille — thank you for standing with us for cats around the country. As we continue to work for declawing bans in all 50 states, our declawing information page has more information about why this procedure is unnecessary and can even be harmful. Check it out to learn more and be sure to share it with your friends!

For the cats,

Becky Robinson
President & Founder
Alley Cat Allies

P.S. Your support has helped Alley Cat Allies press legislators for a ban on declawing. Please donate today to help us continue the fight for cats across the nation.

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