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Recently, a long-time supporter and volunteer for the Goathouse Refuge was in distress over the health of one of their beloved felines. This individual has and does contribute hundreds of hours in their time for service to the Goathouse. While this story maybe sad, we felt it was important to demonstrate how the Goathouse not only cares for the cats, but for the people who care for them!

The events that transpired during these few days reminded me that the Goathouse Refuge is much more than just a sanctuary and haven for cats. It is a haven and resource for the human companions of these cats as well.

These long-time supporters are advanced ages and disabled through the effects of health and time. Mobility is an issue for them. One of their beloved pets was in physical distress and cried all through the night. They were not able to reach their normal friends, family, and caregivers. So, they sent an email please to the Goathouse and several other volunteers asking for assistance in their feline medical emergency. This was in the early morning hours.

The Goathouse is more than just a place where you go to adopt a companion or take a found animal to it. These events made me realize that the Goathouse is a community and haven of animal lovers and supporters of their human companions alike. It is a support structure of like-minded people who know the love of a cat and willing to share those feelings with an animal and other cat people all the same. The Goathouse provided bonds and friendships that go beyond a visit or adoption but extend many years into the future.

At 7 am, a volunteer drove to their home and helped them load their beloved pet into a carrier for transport to an emergency vet for them to treat and diagnose what was causing this sweet orange furball so much distress. Waiting while the vet ran tests, x-rays, etc. Unable to have surgery that day, they came to transport him back to his home and family. Once there, the volunteer tried to find a comfortable place for the cat and reviewed the medications with the owners. Everyone was hopeful he would make sufficient progress for surgery the following week.

Unfortunately, as he awoke from some of the effects of the medication, he began to whine in pain again. The owners, not wanting to bother the same volunteer, were able to contact another Goathouse supporter who transported him back to the emergency vet for additional treatments.The vet worked to stabilize and comfort him. His prognosis appeared to be improving when he suffered a stroke.Unfortunately, he did not make it. Upon hearing the news of their loss, the Goathouse volunteers rallied again to help this couple transport his remains to their home for their final goodbyes and burial.

Why such a sad story? I felt it was important to tell that the Goathouse cares about its friends and family who love their beloved feline companions (and other pets). It is a community resource where people find comfort to network and share stories, resource, and knowledge of all the crazy antics of their funky felines. We cannot do this for everyone, but we do what we can to help our volunteers and caregivers who spend so much time caring for the cats.

This is the Goathouse! A haven for cats and people alike!

Please help us sustain our mission of providing sanctuary for cats, a temporary home before they find their loving families and support for the adopters, friends, and family of the Goathouse.

Your generous donation each month will help us to feed these animals, obtain and administer medications, provide veterinary care, and attend to their daily physical needs. Please consider becoming a Monthly Sustainer now and allow us to help connect cats and people in our community! Any amount from $5 to $500 per month will help us continue our mission.

Thank you for helping us help the cats at the Refuge!
Helena Openshaw and Jeff Vojta

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