The Goathouse Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

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Tax deductible donations and gifts of goods to help run the refuge are always welcome.

Discounted 2018 Calendars for Your Daily Dose of Inspiration!

Now only $10, Goathouse Refuge Calendars brighten up your home or office with inspiring stories of our kitties! 100% of proceeds go directly to the Refuge so we can continue to fulfill our mission. Since before our founding in 2007, Siglinda Scarpa has worked with rescues, owners and adopters regarding the health of cats. Health conditions can be a challenge and people often do not know there is often more they can do. We hope to empower and inspire you with knowledge about options to support health, chronic conditions and pain. Compassion, dedication, knowledge, empathy, creativity and love, these are just a few of the Seasons of Grace.

Our apologies for the delayed launch. As you may know we lost an integral member of our Goathouse Refuge family, Carolyn Busse, who designed many items including our calendars. At the last minute another volunteer stepped in to ensure we had a calendar for 2018. Although there were some challenges we are glad it is finally here to share with you!

Purchase one (or more!) in the Goathouse Refuge Shop.

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